The Twinning Ceremony in Neyland

Outre Manche, le Jumelage a été officialisé à Neyland le 12 avril 2014, avec la signature symbolique de la charte et du serment en Gallois.


A l'occasion de la signature officielle du jumelage, une trentaine de Sanguinetois, dont nos élus, se rendus à Neyland pour un séjour, riche en émotions et découverte. Ils ont assisté à la cérémonie officielle, avc un long discours de Mme la maire de Neyland, placé sous le signe de l'amitié franco-galloise.


The Twinning Ceremony in Neyland


My Lord Lieutenant, Member of Parliament, Mme Marie Brousseau-Navarro, (Honorary French Consul) High Sheriff, Chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council, Mayor of Sanguinet, Fabien Lainé Mr. Bernard Laine, Distinguished and honoured guests, ladies and gentlemen.

Today, April 12th 2014 is an historic day for our towns and townspeople of Neyland in Wales and Sanguinet in France as we come together for this reciprocal ceremony, to sign the documents in the Welsh language, of Town Twinning between our respective towns and to welcome Mr. Fabien Lainé Mayor of Sanguinet to Neyland.

As Mayor of Neyland, and accompanied by my then consort, Cllr. Aden Brinn we travelled to Sanguinet for an official ceremony to sign the document of Twinning on March 2nd 2013.

I wish to take this opportunity of expressing my grateful thanks and appreciation to the previous Mayor of Sanguinet, Mr. Bernard Laine, his Deputies and Council, and the Sanguinet Twinning Committee, for the courteous and gracious welcome we received.

I thank also all the Teaching Staff and the children of Sanguinet School for their wonderful display and celebrations that marked St. David’s Day in their town.

To all the people of the town, I send my sincere gratitude for the warmth and friendship that was extended to us.

I will reflect on these occasions with great pride, honour and pleasure.

As strong advocators for the twinning concept we can be proud of the entente cordial that has been fostered since 1904 between our two nations of the United Kingdom and the Republic of France.In the 20th Century, in two world wars we stood side by side, together in the face of adversities and that strength prevails still. We can all be proud of what our countries have achieved in the name of democracy.

Much has been achieved between our twinned towns of Neyland and Sanguinet.

Past and present visits from our Sanguinet friends.

Exchange visits to Sanguinet from organisations here in Neyland have transpired

with further exchanges being planned from both our towns.

We go forward in promoting our respective communities based on language, culture, history and international friendship.

Embracing opportunities to achieve a strong and growing relationship for the common good of our communities.

Thank You



Madam the Mayor and towns people of Neyland

We are extremely happy and honored to be here to celebrate the twinning of our two towns. Your invitation also concludes, for us, today, an idea which Jacques, Maïthé and Cathy had, more than four years ago. Surmounting any reservations and difficulties, the dynamics of the twinning committee along with the precedent municipality were able to bring our two villages and above all their inhabitants together. We have no doubt that the new team at the town hall will follow this same action.

Exchanges between sporting and cultural associations have not only encountered intense success, but have also established true complicity and real friendliness.

Beyond that, and it is our wish, twinning should also be the occasion for two populations to meet, to share and to learn about one’s territory, one’s way of life, one’s culture and its history. We also hope, one day, we will have the opportunity to welcome Neyland towns people to our homes in order to get to know one another better and that circumstances arise for us to stay with you for a few days to discover and to share your lovely town.

Twinning is the occasion to establish a kinship between two unknown or little known populations, is the occasion, for both partners, to broaden one’s views of others, to expose oneself to other ways of life, but above all, to spread one’s culture and to make new bonds.

We are convinced that this ceremony is only the beginning of a long history of friendship between women and men who would not have met without their will to discover the other, without their will to meet others.




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